I'm Absolutely Positive

First Steps

Throughout the years as we all have progressed through school, being put into new situations, experiencing new opportunities, and pushing ourselves to go out there and create a successful life has been undoubtedly stressful. But the feeling of stress through these stages of life has become more of normality than something to avoid. Now answer this for me, have you ever considered what stress may be doing to your academic excellence and your mental health?

Everyone just worries about getting their homework done or checking-off that one item on the to-do list, but personal health is more important than other worries. According to mtvU AP 2009 Economy, College Stress and Mental Health Poll, 85% of students reported that they experience stress on a daily occurrence caused by school work, the pressure to keep up grades, time for job and maintaining a social life.

The consequences of constant stress ranges from depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and at worst cases, suicide. The last thing we want to think about is the possibility of stress leading to suicide, but it has been reported as the second leading cause of death among college students. It’s hard to believe that one little emotion can spiral into mental disorders and distress.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to ease your mind, relax and relieve all the stress. The Internet is always a good source to find some easy tips! But, I have found some common steps to help turn your day around if you find yourself overwhelmed:

  1. Listen to music: indulge yourself in some jazz/classic music, something soothing. Pandora.com is a good site to find those genres if you don’t have them on your iTunes. (And yes, it’s free!)
  2. Exercise: take a short walk around your apartment complex, go swimming at the pool, or go to the gym.
  3. BREATHE: it’s the easiest thing you can do!

There are also some tips specifically designed for college students.  Just don’t forget to take one step at a time, do your best, be positive and enjoy life.