I'm Absolutely Positive

A Clean Slate
August 30, 2011, 8:03 pm
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Books on books on books.

Credit to Tori Monaco at The Hornet Buzz

College students experience it all when they move away from home and venture out on their own, taking that once-in-a-lifetime leap of faith. The social life, the (ASU) football games, and the schoolwork: all qualities of college that forces us to grow up. But alongside all the wonderful experiences that college has to offer, there is a major challenge.

Stress. Honestly, who likes stress? No one. It’s detrimental to our health and academic success, as reported in previous research. Unfortunately each and every one of us falls to the pressures of keeping up our grades yet somehow finding time to do things just for YOU.

I always find myself lecturing my mother about stressing out over minute problems. Since I have started college and balance a job, I found myself falling victim to that anxious feeling. It even gets to the point where a list of “things-to-do” is unraveling in the back of my mind by the second. Hypocritical, I know.

I try to live by the phrase “just do your best,” but I understand that sometimes it doesn’t cut it.  I’m not saying I’m perfect (because frankly no one is), but I do everything in my power to walk around with a smile on my face. Of course there are times where I may break down in tears, frustrated and wondering “am I ever going to get this done?” One thing I know for fact is that those all-nighters will NOT be missed.

I was raised to think positively. It is a difficult task to keep up, but it truly does pay off in the long run. And to ease your mind, there are easy ways to help you maintain a happy demeanor despite all the hurdles thrown your way. This blog will help me help you and share with you all the ways to recycle negative thoughts into rewarding experiences.